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Ladies shoes in Pakistan

Ladies shoes in Pakistan

Ladies footwear is a vast market with a massive scope and is a fast moving product for sure. The buying pattern of women tends to be impulsive with a lot of variety seeking. Their frequency of buying is higher too than that of male members. For local footwear buying, majority of women are not brand conscious rather they are variety seeking as per occasion and weather, also focusing comfort and style which is our brand tagline.

The perception of online shopping of ladies’ shoes in Pakistan is still not very popular because of the difference of fitting in sizes as compared to standard sizes worldwide & wretched customer services being offered online in Pakistan. There are many Pakistani shoes brands providing online shoe shopping option for women with services such as free home delivery, free exchange & even sometime free returns. In this scenario, online e-commerce stores that tend to differentiate themselves from others would grow at a rapid pace than others.

Online shoe shopping for women should be seen in a broader perspective rather than a single community or a small group of people. For shoe shopping websites, the audience is not only local but is considered in wider outlook including the international audience too. Creating an international customer base categorizes us in exports which is the goal of Studio Footwear. Presently, Pakistan stands at 6th position in the list of largest manufacturers of footwear in the world. Due to not having a ranking in exports on international forum leaves us with a lot of scope in this industry.

The future of online shopping of ladies’ shoes in Pakistan is bright. The chances to become a multi-billion ecommerce store are high but only for the companies that tend to study the needs and wants of people rather than just focusing on selling products of low quality at cheaper rates. No doubt the product must be cost-effective, but it should also be of good quality and as per customers’ liking with an excellent customer service without which a company cannot have deeper roots.

The Pakistani market is service oriented, and people base their experiences on customer service and hospitality. Providing customers with the best service and making them our priority is the objective of Studio Footwear. Being service oriented will provide us with widening the customer base and hence a successful brand.