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Shoe Shopping Websites

Shoe Shopping Websites

Finding a reliable shoe shopping website in Pakistan is like finding a good political leader in the third world country. In Pakistan, the spending’s graph of online shopping is higher for women specially of 25 – 40 years of age because of lack of time to visit shopping malls due to their commitment towards their families.  

Whereas in Pakistan, online shoe stores are already less in number, it is even more difficult to find the good one.  This is due to the lack of interest by the entrepreneurs in this product for the purpose of online business. Also, either the number of social media marketing companies is comparatively low who are ready to take the challenge of marketing online shoes’ store with focus on sales and exceptional customer service or it includes a high cost of doing business with them. 

The online industry for shoes has to understand that the online shoes businesses need to be: 

1. More focused

2. Extended the shoes categories 

3. Have dedicated customer service staff to resolve customer’s complaints on time

Shoe shopping has seen mixed behavior when it comes to buying online shoes in Pakistan for men or women. Women seem to be more possessive due to size & material issues whereas men tend to be on back track because of the prices displayed on websites. Shoe shopping websites need to understand the reasons of differences in customers behavior due to change of seasons, level of income, preference for certain designs, etc. On the other hand, buying shoes online in Pakistan will make its way towards optimal growth due to fast changing demographics.