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Women Sandals in Pakistan – A Never Ending Love Affair

Women Sandals in Pakistan – A Never Ending Love Affair

“Women shoes!”

Shouts Donnie Azoff in that famous Hollywood flick, on stock market crimes, that features

owner of a women sandals business: Steve Madden

Camera rolls from New York to Karachi and we know that although women sandals are not

disrupting Karachi stock exchange, they’re disrupting almost every other thing.

And it’s not only about Karachi – Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Peshawar … ladies sandals

are a love affair that Pakistani women cannot get rid of.

In this post – let us discover 3 most important reasons a pair of women sandals can change

everything for you.

The Cinderella Moment

Yet another metaphor that speaks volumes about the importance of shoes in a woman’s life.

And you know what – just like that story, sandals play an important role in bringing you

closer to your Cinderella moment.

Finding the right one (whether you do so or your parents) and impressing him (and his

family), demands a revolutionary redo of your personality and your looks.

And let us admit that sandals play a very important role in that.

The First Impression

You know how they say that the first thing people notice about you are your shoes. And it is

not only about the time when Rishta seeking auntie visits your home – a woman or a girl has

a lot to do today and from academia to job, one has to win many battles until the war turns

out to be a clear victory.

Women sandals from a top-quality vendor (wink, wink), will definitely help you win the

battle of first impression – be it at home, at in-laws, at academia or at job, you have to make a

first and long-lasting impression.

Pick your sandals wisely.

 Best Type of Shoes for a Busy Day

From ballerinas that you wear at home to high heels that you wear to parties, you can wear

many different types of shoes, but you cannot wear all of them everywhere.

This is where you want a balanced approach towards footwear. You want something for a

busy and beautiful day.

You want something that you’d comfortably wear to everywhere (a family function, a job

interview, day to day job itself or to your college or university).

This is where sandals come to rescue. Without inviting the worst type of ankle strains and

fractures and without looking too casual, you wear something that makes your special and

puts you at ease.